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Corporate Programs

Gain a vital skill for your business

Breathwork is a powerful tool and strategic investment for staff development, enhanced productivity and health. Learn science proofed tools how to stay focused and remain calm under pressure. 

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Benefits for employees

  • Enhanced focus and concentration

  • Increased energy

  • Incremented resilience and relaxation

  • Cope better with stressful situations

  • Better sleep

  • Higher creativity

  • Mindfulness and deeper self awareness

  • Improved health

    • Lower blood pressure

    • Less back and neck problems

    • Reduced digestive problems

    • Pain management

Benefits for corporates

  • Increased productivity

  • Improved decision making abilities

  • Motivated and more engaged staff

  • Less mistakes

  • Less absenteeism

  • Decreased health care expenses

  • Enhanced creativity

  • Better stress control and resilience

  • Improved teamwork

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How we work

Every person and business has individual needs. 

I provide a bespoke program ranging from a one-hour live training (in person or online) over half and full day workshops to a long term wellness program.

Target groups are employees from all areas and executives. 

Breathwork can also be combined with business coaching. 

I offer individual coachings as well as team programs.

Workshop, coaching and training topics

  • Physiology of breathing - Breathe right

  • Physical Well-being

  • Mental Well-being

  • Resilience and Mindfulness 

  • Improved focus

  • Stress management

  • Personal growth and transformation

  • Nervous system regulation - combination with cold water exposure possible

  • Daily breathing exercises and how to create a routine


Your Facilitator

Angela Leibinger - Founder

I am a certified Advanced Oxygen Advantage® Instructor for health and sports performance and 400h certified Intesoma Breathwork Facilitator and Coach as well as a YinYoga Teacher.

I have profound corporate and international management experience and I am a certified Personal and Business Coach, who sees her clients from a 360° perspective - body, mind and spirit.

As a freediving athlete and instructor I master to remain calm and focused under pressure, to create routines and being mindful about my mental and physical state.

As a biohacking enthusiast with digitization background I bring in science proofed methods and work with different apps and technologies to evaluate performance and to track progress.

On demand we bring in further Breathwork facilitators, Coaches or Physical Therapists, depending on the requirements of our clients.

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