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Coaching and Breathwork for athletes 

Breathwork is getting more and more popular in the fields of training as well as mental and physical therapy. 

Benefit from elite athlete training 

Some world class freediving athletes go to depths of 100 meters and deeper on one breath. This is only achievable by a calm mind, a strong body and a perfect technique. Using a combination of mental and physical preparation, which includes a comprehensive breathwork workout, preparing the body for the pressure, the lack of oxygen and the mind to stay calm and focused.

These techniques are also applicable to other sports and athletes.


Learn how to

- train more efficient

- increase endurance

- enhance focus, physical and mental strength

- shorten recovery time

- reduce the risk of injuries.


​Breathe right

Dysfunctional breathing is common in all kinds of athletes and significantly impacts health and performance. It can not only constrain efficiency, but also cause injuries, like back problems, chronic pain and muscle tension. Asthma and other respiratory problems have a high prevalence in athletes causing breathlessness or wheezing. This further impacts mental states and focus.

Improve performance

Breathwork based training can significantly improve physical and mental performance. Studies have shown that runners who included breathwork in their training improved their times by 5-12 percent and that proper functional breathing can improve sports performance by 15 percent.

Changing states

The mind plays a vital role when facing physical and mental stressful situations. Breathing techniques enable us to remain calm and focused under pressure.

Track your progress

Like any other kind of training, the effect of breathwork training can be tracked. I am working with different tools to measure  progress and to adjust the training of my clients accordingly.


360° training

Besides the right combination of exercises and nutrition, breathing should be a main training pillar for athletes and coaches, as it improves endurance, recovery, peak performance, focus, mental strength and sleep.

Learn how to train better and healthier via one of my upcoming workshops.

Workshops for athletes

  • Physiology and basics of functional breathing

  • Effects of dysfunctional breathing

  • How to breathe right

  • How breathwork can affect endurance, performance and recovery

  • How to prevent injuries

  • Changing states: Breathing exercises for better performance and focus

  • Effects on daily life: better sleep and resilience

Heavy Weights

Personal Training
Get an individual analysis and coaching, to make the most out of your training and improve overall health.

Personal training of min. 4 weeks

Become a better, healthier and mentally stronger athlete while regulating your nervous system.

  • Breathing, training and lifestyle analysis

  • Functional breathing training

  • High altitude training

  • Individualized training program with breathing exercises

  • Regular calls (1h per week) or on-site coaching

  • Mental coaching

  • Bodywork (if relevant) to open airspaces or release breathing induced tension

  • Progress analysis


  • Increase performance, focus and endurance

  • Reduce recovery time

  • Better deal with stress and pressure

  • Improve sleep / less snoring


I help you to easily integrate breathwork into your daily life and keep track of your results

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