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Angela Leibinger

About Me

I am a certified life and career coach, trauma informed 400h certified Intesoma Breathwork Facilitator and Coach, Advanced Oxygen Advantage Instructor for health and sports performance, passionate freediving athlete and instructor, YinYoga teacher and biohacking enthusiast.

Throughout more than 10 years in corporate business with management experience and international assignments I loved building up international teams and individuals as well as successfully integrating innovation via changes in cultural mindset.

In addition I have always been into health and sports.

After a severe skydiving accident I had to deal with a challenging recovery. Besides focusing on resilience and goals, freediving became one of my biggest passions. It did not only support my recovery in an unexpected way, but also brought me in touch with the power of breathing.

Initially I utilized breathwork to improve my freediving - managing relaxation, focus, recovery and breath holds. However, I more and more transferred it into daily life and  other sports. I learned how to work out more efficiently and remain calm and focused in stressful situations. I became more mindful, resourceful and balanced.

I did comprehensive studies and training in the fields of personal and business coaching (psychological counsellor) , breathwork and nervous system regulation. This way I found a holistic approach which is science based, trauma informed and in line with ethical standards.

I am successfully working with athletes, business people, corporates, people who want to achieve more balance, increase focus, resilience and calmness; reduce stress, anxiety and sleeping disorders, as well as respiratory diseases (e.g. long COVID and asthma patients) and females dealing with PMS and different hormonal life stages.

As a biohacking enthusiast with digitization background I bring in science proofed methods. I work with different apps an technologies to evaluate performance and track progress.

Please note: I am not a psychologist nor do I have any medical degree. I do not offer any kind of therapy. I am working science based and continuous learning and profound training are key for my services. 

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