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Breathing and training for females

Find your balance and train healthier and better by taking advantage of your menstrual cycle and hormones

Breathing is different for women

Female bodies are very different from men which is not only a matter of size, shape and muscles - even our respiratory organs are different. Our physical and emotional state is highly impacted by our hormones and it's scientifically proven that this affects our breathing and vice versa.

Breathing related problems like asthma are more common in females after puberty.


The power of hormones

You feel highly energetic, communicative, social and love your appearance on some days. Other days you feel exhausted, antisocial and overly emotional. In addition you're dealing with pain, skin problems and a sensitive immune system.

Very often this is due to hormonal changes.

Our hormones do not only change on a monthly basis, but undergo massive changes throughout pregnancy or menopause.

With a deep understanding of our hormones and the science of breathing you cannot only learn how to balance hormonal effects but also take advantage of them.

Turn your hormones into your training partner 

Increase your sports performance and train healthier by learning about the effects of hormones on female physiology, how to read and measure them and how to include them into your training plan.

Effects of breathwork coaching

Breathwork can help to regulate the nervous system and to reduce symptoms like PMS, anxiety, breathlessness, pain, fatigue and menstrual migraine.

Learn how to live more balanced and embrace changes and your uniqueness.


“There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty.” ― Steve Maraboli


Learn about the science of breathing and female physiology via one of my upcoming workshops.

Breathing for females

  • Particularities of female physiology

  • Why women breathe different

  • Effects of dysfunctional breathing on problems like PMS, anxiety, emotional imbalance, asthma, etc.

  • Hormones and the effect on breathing, physical and mental states

  • How breathwork can affect physical and emotional states

  • How to turn your hormones into your super power

    • Perform better in daily life

    • Train more efficient

  • How to prevent injuries

  • Nervous system regulation: more balance, better sleep and resilience

Female Climber

Special Workshops

Special Workshops and Coachings

Breathing and hormones do not only change within a monthly cycle, but also during different phases of life.

Ask for workshop specials on

  • Breathing and nervous system regulation with the menstrual cycle

  • Breath Training for athletes - train more efficient and healthier

  • Breathing during pregnancy

  • Breathing during menopause


Personal Coching and Training
Get an individual analysis and coaching based on your goals.

Personal training of min. 4 weeks

Gain a better understanding of your body and emotions and discover the way to achieve your goals

  • Introduction to the science of breathwork and hormones

  • Breathing, training and lifestyle analysis

  • Functional breathing training

  • Individualized training program with breathing exercises

  • Regular calls (1h per week) or on-site coaching

  • Mental coaching

  • Bodywork (if relevant) to open airspaces or release breathing induced tension

  • Progress analysis

  • Transformational Breathwork session optional


  • Nervous system regulation: more balance and resilience

  • Reduce anxiety, asthma, PMS, fatigue, etc.

  • Mobilize pelvic floor

  • Enhance your sports performance

  • Improve sleep

  • Utilize your hormones as your training and life partner


I help you to easily integrate breathwork into your daily life and keep track of your results

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