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I am supporting  you to...

Understand and successfully achieve your goals

Live more conscious, calm and resourceful

Enhance your physical, mental and emotional state

Achieve sustainable changes and create space for new thoughts and ideas

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Angela Leibinger

Breathing spell: The pause between inhalation and exhalation is the moment were the mind becomes quiet and were we have the opportunity to reset and focus.

If we are able to control our breath, we are able to control our mind.

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Breathing is a powerful tool to regulate stress, increase performance and improve health. I offer breathwork for

  • Nervous system regulation

  • Increasing performance in athletes

  • Health problems e.g. long COVID, asthma and PMS

  • Changing states to stay focused and navigate calm throughout stressful situations

  • Transformational breathwork

  • Breathing for females

I am offering workshops, transformational breathwork sessions and individual coachings

Breathing Meditation
Stones of Meaning

Everyone has her or his own story, individual experience, strength and talents.

I am offering holistic personal coaching based on your individual needs and support you to

  • Become clarity about your goals and the way towards it

  • Better deal with stress and emotions

  • Navigate more relaxed through daily challenges

  • Increase productivity by changing states

  • Become more resilient


  • Mindset Coaching

  • Resilience

  • Important life changes and decisions

  • Dealing with chronic illness and life changing injuries

  • Burnout and Burnout Prevention

Throughout more than 10 years experience in International Business Relations and Management, I have always enjoyed building up teams and support the development of individual personalities.

My business-related specialties are innovation and transformation management as well as intercultural and high performance teams.

I am convinced that trust and freedom are the foundation for creativity and innovation in any environment

I support clients in the fields of

  • Changing states. Remain calm and collected throughout stressful situations

  • Career planning and changes

  • Leadership style: Become a motivating role model

  • Intercultural leadership and teams

  • Building an environment for creativity and collaboration

  • Burnout and Burnout Prevention

Image by Christina @
Female Dancer

Even though world class female freediving athletes compete at almost the same depth as men, the differences in terms of physiology are rarely discussed.

The same applies for the impact on overall health and performance in general.

Breathing and CO2 tolerance changes a lot in people with a menstrual cycle.

This impacts not only the emotional state but also performance and health problems like PMS.

I am offering personal coaching and courses on breathing for women and female physiology.


"We are water creatures that turn into air creatures the moment we take our first breath"

Freediving is an activity, that combines mindfulness, mental strengths and physical awareness. It connects you deeply with yourself and the oceanic environment and is the most natural way to enter the underwater world.

I am and AIDA certified freediving instructor

and teach AIDA 1, 2 and 3 courses.

Small groups: My priority no 1 in freediving is safety and awareness. That’s why I only teach up to max 3 people in open water. This way we make sure that everyone has time to relax and focus and doesn’t get cold during relaxation time.



I provide speeches on

  • Innovation and Transformation Management

  • Biohacking

  • Freediving

  • Breathwork

  • Breathing in Females

  • Changing states  - performance, stress, resilience

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